5S Methodology

Impact on the Organization

Wasteful practices and disorganization in the workplace are detrimental to productivity as employees take time to look for materials, equipment, and tools. 5S is a simple yet effective low-cost process to improve organization and efficiency. The 5S system is a fundamental part of every company’s lean program and the initial lean tool with which many companies begin their lean journey because it offers immediate, visible results. Companies that implement 5S not only get the instantaneous benefit of improved housekeeping and employee morale but also obtain the added benefits of improved quality and safety.

Learning Objectives

  • The Complete 5S System
    • Sort
    • Set in Order
    • Shine
    • Standardize
    • Sustain
  • Workplace Assessment
  • Red-Tagging
  • Visual Displays
  • The Seven Wastes
  • Target Applications

Program Description

This workshop offers the participants the opportunity to experience first-hand how the 5S system reduces waste in various areas through simulations, examples, and case studies. The concepts learned can be immediately applied to transform a cluttered, disorganized work area into a clean and well-organized place.

Time Investment

8-12 hours


This program can be customized to include your organization’s procedures, policies, cases, examples and terminology. Kindly inquire about these consulting services.