Basic Math

Impact on the Organization

In today’s workplace, far more employees need Basic Math proficiency to consistently succeed with the diverse tasks that are assigned to them. Employers cannot be certain that employees have mastered these skills in school, or that they come to the workplace retaining what they were taught there. To address this important skills gap, Quest offers complete, customized instructional programs that reflect the principles of adult learning. These programs are designed to ensure that all of your employees have the math skills they need in their own jobs.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn Basic Math concepts.
  • Apply Basic Math concepts to on-the-job situations.
  • Gain more hands-on practice with Basic Math skills.

Program Description

Before beginning a program in Basic Math, Quest carefully assesses the current math knowledge of the group you wish to train. Based on this assessment, we identify the instruction needed to achieve the proficiency level you desire, and to reflect the specific needs your people face on the job. We then tailor our instruction accordingly.

Quest’s Basic Math courses typically run at least 30 hours, and may run longer depending on your objectives and the current skill levels of your employees. Instruction is typically organized into a series of 3-hour classes.

Your Quest instructor brings extensive experience in teaching Basic Math to adults in workplace environments. Your employees will work with the proven, easy-to-understand textbook Applied Mathematics.

For Basic Math programs to succeed, participants must be committed to learning math. In our experience, the most successful programs are mandatory and conducted on company time.

Time Investment

30 hours minimum instruction, organized into an average of 3 hours per week


This program can be customized to include your organization’s procedures, policies, cases, examples and terminology. Kindly inquire about these consulting services.