Business Process Re-Engineering

Impact on the Organization

It’s become every organization’s battle cry: getting the job done better, smarter, quicker, and with fewer resources. To achieve these goals, organizations are re-engineering their processes and looking for opportunities to save time and resources, and to better meet their clients’ needs.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the basic elements of Business Process Re-engineering
  • Understand the differences between Continuous Improvement and Business Process Re-engineering
  • Identify processes that need to be re-engineered
  • Examine the seven steps of Business Process Re-engineering
  • Apply these seven steps to a process you believe should be re-engineered at your company

Program Description

This module introduces the concept and techniques of re-engineering work processes to improve productivity and profitability. Participants explore the differences between function and process, and learn to evaluate which approach is best suited for each challenge: continuous improvement or business process re-engineering.

Participants will walk through identifying business processes they believe need refinement, and then re-engineering those processes using the tools and skills they are learning. Skills will be taught through interaction with the instructor and other participants and through the use of topic-specific simulations, exercises, and practice sessions – all designed for meaningful application in everyday work situations.

Time Investment

Typically 4 hours.


This program can be customized to reflect your organization’s procedures, policies, cases, examples, and terminology. Please inquire about these optional consulting services.