Business Writing

Impact on the Organization

Writing documents that are clear, concise and error-free is essential for a business to prosper. Documents that are difficult to read will usually go unread! Your message may be lost because the messenger is unable to plainly disseminate the information. By giving employees the tools they need to improve the documents they write in the line of work, you increase the flow and understanding of information, which ultimately impacts the bottom line.

Learning Objectives

  • Quickly plan writing tasks by analyzing readers and defining the document’s purpose, focus, and objective.
  • Select information that enables the reader to respond to messages.
  • Organize information for persuasive appeal.
  • Format documents for quick reading and on-screen reading.
  • Revise documents for clarity, conciseness, and proper tone.
  • Edit documents for grammar and style consistency.
  • Use e-mail efficiently to transact business.

Program Description

Writing for Results covers strategies that help writers quickly plan, draft, and revise business documents that get results. Participants learn how to identify readers’ needs, define writing objectives, organize information, and format documents for quick reading. One-day and longer formats are available.

The workshop emphasizes both product (what is an effective document) and process (how do you create an effective document). It includes short lectures on writing topics and strategies. Participants will analyze document samples, evaluate each others’ writing, and perform a self-assessment of their writing progress.

Once the workshop is over, participants will receive a booklet that they can refer back to, reminding them of tools and techniques they learned over the course of the class.

Time Investment

Typically 8 hours per class


This program can be customized to include your organization’s procedures, policies, cases, examples and terminology. Kindly inquire about these consulting services.