Coaching and Feedback

Impact on the Organization

Effective  coaching and feedback are among the most powerful “levers” available to  organizations that are striving for excellence and seeking to successfully  drive change. By providing constructive, timely feedback and coaching in  critical areas, organizations can help virtually every worker to improve. These  improvements – compounded over time and spread across all departments and  functions – lead to superior levels of performance throughout the organization.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how coaching  affects leadership, goal setting and performance
  • Observe and analyze actual  employee performance, and variances from planned or desired performance
  • Identify  the appropriate conditions for conducting effective coaching and feedback
  • Master proven techniques  for conducting successful coaching and feedback sessions
  • Develop effective follow-up  plans

Program Description

This module begins by identifying the components  of effective coaching and feedback. Participants will then practice specific,  proven techniques designed to enhance their effectiveness in conducting coaching  and feedback sessions. Each participant will prepare for two different coaching  and feedback sessions: one where job performance is below expectations, and one  where performance is meeting or exceeding expectations. For each session,  participants will walk through a complete skill practice session. They will  receive extensive feedback from both instructors and other class members:  feedback designed to make them more effective when they lead real coaching and  feedback sessions in their own workplaces. This  module’s training can be modified for managers at any skill level, from  beginners through polished professionals.

Time Investment

Typically 4  hours.


This program can be customized to reflect your organization’s procedures, policies, cases, examples, and terminology. Please inquire about these optional consulting services.