Dealing with Difficult Behavior

Impact on the Organization

Employees who exhibit “difficult” behavior waste scarce time and resources, and damage the morale of the entire organization. As just one example, work must often be redone because employees would rather struggle through a task ineffectively than ask uncooperative individuals to share their expertise. By learning to defuse or overcome difficult behavior, employees can not only improve relationships and create a better working environment: they can also improve the productivity of the entire organization.

Learning Objectives

  • Master a powerful model for self-disclosure and feedback
  • Gain a better understanding of your own behavioral style
  • Learn strategies and approaches for dealing with difficult behavior
  • Practice applying these approaches

Program Description

This module is designed to help employees deal with other employees who display difficult behavior – and, if necessary, offer a mirror into their own potentially difficult behaviors. It introduces the proven Johari Window method for learning more about oneself and others. Participants discover the four behavior styles; learn which behavior style they follow; and master techniques for dealing with each style. Participants also discuss strategies for dealing with, eliminating, or effectively circumventing difficult behavior. This module concludes by identifying six specific difficult behaviors, and proven solutions for managing each one.

Time Investment

Typically 4 hours.


This program can be customized to reflect your organization’s procedures, policies, cases, examples, and terminology. Please inquire about these optional consulting services.