Lean/Six-Sigma – 1-White Belt

Impact on the Organization

The opportunity for real change in an organization is only fulfilled when everybody develops a foundation for Lean that includes knowledgeable participants that understand the tools, can be counted upon for participation as team members, and can contribute to the Lean/Six-Sigma project implementation. Within the structure of Six Sigma, the participants will know their responsibilities and expectations before a project is underway. White belt team members are vital to the Lean/Six-Sigma process because of the support they provide and the invaluable and competent insight into why and how processes may not be working well.

Learning Objectives

Session 1

  • Overview of LSS methods.
  • Lean Simulation Activity.
  • The Eight Wastes.

Session 2

  • Introduction to the DMAIC Problem Solving Process.
  • Practice using some basic Problem Solving Tools.

Program Description

This workshop is geared toward providing the participants with the fundamental comprehension of Lean/Six-Sigma (LSS). Participants from this class are expected to lend support to the process improvement projects as Team Members or as resources for the implementation team.

Time Investment

8 hours


This program can be customized to include your organization’s procedures, policies, cases, examples and terminology. Kindly inquire about these consulting services.