Lean/Six-Sigma – 2-Yellow Belt

Impact on the Organization

The Lean/Six-Sigma Yellow Belt course teaches any employee the philosophy and basic tools of Lean/Six Sigma. The participants will learn about what Lean and Six Sigma are separately, and how they work together. They will explore each phase of the DMAIC methodology including, project charters, process mapping, cause-and-effect analysis, data analysis, and process improvement methods. The participants will be able to identify process improvement opportunities and can be a valuable resource for Six Sigma project teams.

Learning Objectives

Once the participants have completed the Yellow Belt Lean/Six-Sigma course, they will have covered:

  • The meaning and the use of the Six Sigma Process.
  • The principle tools in the DMAIC methodology.
  • Conducting a 5S Assessment.
  • How to map a process and understand its inputs and outputs.
  • The basics of the Lean methodology.

Program Description

This workshop is geared toward providing the participants with the fundamental comprehension of Lean/Six-Sigma (LSS). Participants from this class are expected to participate in process improvement projects as Team Members for the implementation teams.

Time Investment

16 hours


This program can be customized to include your organization’s procedures, policies, cases, examples and terminology. Kindly inquire about these consulting services.