Increasing Your Return on Investment (ROI)

We work closely with your organization to bring you the resources to benchmark, measure and put a value on all aspects of human resource development. Quest does this by measuring four fundamental levels of program effectiveness:

  • Level 1 Measurement: Program Rating Service

    The content of the human resource development program must be delivered in an environment and with a method that ensures it is efficiently and effectively transferred and retained by participants. Event evaluation allows the organization to compare critical aspects of your program against a national database of similar programs.

  • Level 2 Measurement: Knowledge/Skill Transfer & Retention

    Human resource development is of little value if the knowledge and skills necessary for behavior change are not transferred and retained. When effectively linked to behavioral objectives, it is Knowledge/Skills transfer that initiates behavior change. Knowledge/Skills Transfer and Retention measurement allows your organization to identify and improve program effectiveness.

  • Level 3 Measurement: Application Measurement

    To ensure human resource development produces bottom-line increase in ROI, the first step is to identify the specific behaviors that will promote desired profitability and then ensure the program’s objectives are linked to them. Application measurement provides feedback from internal and/or external clients regarding application of skills on the job. This feedback illuminates ways to strengthen the human resource development as well as internal support.

  • Level 4 Measurement: ROI Measurement

    The purpose of human resource development is to initiate or support change and have some financial impact on your organization’s performance. Financial measurement helps you identify the ROI of these programs.