Looking Toward the Future for Over 35 Years.

Known for 35 years as a creative performance improvement company that combines strategic thinking with an understanding of global challenges and today’s workplace. Quest is an OD, Learning and Executive Coaching company that consistently delivers exceptional results and great ROI.


We partner with you to facilitate strategic planning, address organizational issues and effectively manage change. We help you strengthen your leadership pipeline, coach leaders, develop custom learning solutions, and improve talent management.

We develop exceptional, value-add, scalable solutions for organizational transitions and leadership and talent management challenges. We think strategically, solve creatively, customize everything, and become your best partner.


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Organizational Change is Good

The world is constantly changing—and fast. If your organization isn’t evolving, the business world is passing you by. As an innovative organization, with a long tradition of success, we’ve developed a unique vision of how to help each client prepare to meet the future and evolve in ways that succeed.

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Sustainable Growth and Development

What does it take for your organization to create success? How can you inspire creativity and foster alignment? Creating learning organizations that continue to improve and foster growth and develop leaders and talent at all levels has been our trademark.

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35 Years of Success

Quest has been looking toward the future since its founding in 1978. Our professionals have years of experience listening to clients, working with corporate leaders, and developing and refining the philosophy of leadership development. The results of that experience? Unique organizational development and talent management solutions that equal success for each and every client.