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Being prepared for the Unexpected.

Posted by: Eric L. Herzog, Ph.D.,

Since September 11, 2001 Americans and American companies have been thinking about disasters. About who survives them and why. And about whether it is possible to improve one’s chances of survival.


The fact of the matter is, however, that natural and man-made disasters have always had the potential of affecting your business.


In the middle of the night May 4-5, 1988, the worst, most devastating high-rise fire in the history of Los Angeles destroyed five floors of the 62-story First Interstate Bank Building, including the bank’s offices.’

It’s time to get People Wise!

Posted by: Eric L. Herzog, Ph.D.,

How HR professionals ferret out clues to the “clueless”


Good interviewing is not an accident. It is a well-planned process that uncovers the skills and characteristics needed to fit in and help make your organization run smoothly and successfully. Even if you have just 100 employees, here is evidence of how reviewing and refining your interviewing practices can be critical to your growth … and bottom line.

Training that Works.

Posted by: Eric L. Herzog, Ph.D.,

No two organizations are the same, what’s unique about you can be enhanced with the right training program. As tempting as an off the shelf or out of the box program can be, it doesnt match the creative needs of your organization, and can cost you if it takes even 1% away from who you are. Customizing your training to your needs is much more cost effective.

The Secret to Leadership Success.

Posted by: Eric L. Herzog, Ph.D.,

It’s Two words, its acronym is PM, yet its not Project Management.


Leadership success is built on the foundation of performance management. Assessing your teams’ performance, and setting learning objectives creates an environment for success.

Increasing the Success Factor!

Posted by: Eric L. Herzog, Ph.D.,

Innovation is key to growth, and corporate America is bursting at the seams with new projects the problem with innovation and growth is the percentage of projects that never make. If you reduce the waste, you will increase the success.

The Generation Leadership Challenge.

Posted by: Eric L. Herzog, Ph.D.,

In the next decade nearly 50% of upper management in many corporations will vanish, as baby-boomers retire. How important is it to ensure the transfer of knowledge and leadership skills to create a cycle of continuous improvement?


What can you do to empower the next generation of leaders with wisdom from the current set?

How to Grow Fast?

Posted by: Eric L. Herzog, Ph.D.,

Imagine for a second, you just opened your first superstore, and it was making you 4 times the revenue of your previous stores.How quickly would you want to create a few more and what do you think the limitations to growth might be?


For Jo-Ann Stores, that’s exactly what happened!

Mentoring…The Perpetuation of Success.

Posted by: Eric L. Herzog, Ph.D.,

Derived from an ancient Greek tale, the word mentor became synonymous with an older person who is the wise and trusted advisor, coach and guide to a younger person.


In the American corporate world the term has been applied to any well-placed executive who grooms a younger person for a particular career success, usually in upper management. The roles of sponsor and protector have become primary in mentoring, too.


Mentoring is an excellent way to perpetuate success. Your leaders will help you develop new leaders. It is a win-win situation with very little downside.

The Secret to Happiness and Profit

Posted by: Eric L. Herzog, Ph.D.,

Edward Kopco, CEO of Butler International, had a problem: Five thousand of his 6,000 employees working out in the field at 1,600 client sites. How was he going to keep them engaged and happy with their work?


After initiating his vision, a survey showed over 90% of staff employees were satisfied-mirrored by customer satisfaction levels of 91%.


Find out what he did and how we can help you follow in his footsteps.

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