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Customer Service is a Journey, Not a Destination

Posted by: Eric L. Herzog, Ph.D.,

Fact is, 68 percent of customers who quit doing business with companies do so for one reason: an attitude of indifference on the part of one or more employees. And, studies show, they talk about it to more than 3 times as many friends as those who are happy with you. What a pathetic scenario! And what an easy way to lose everything you’ve worked for.


But here’s the good news. If employees show customers they care, more than 2/3 of those who might leave, would stay.

State Funded Training – Made Easy.

Posted by: Eric L. Herzog, Ph.D.,

Since 1991, the California Employment Training Panel (ETP) has allocated more than $5 million under to The Training Consortium. TTC, along with Quest Consulting, has used this “free” training to help thousands of employees in small and mid-sized businesses.


We help you access these funds to train your employees.

Getting your Leaders to Develop…Leaders!

Posted by: Eric L. Herzog, Ph.D.,

“At the time it seemed a radical concept,” according to a COSTCO executive. “Pulling crucial managers off the floor and getting them to train new leaders had never been considered. Never seemed cost effective.


Find out why Costco took this step and how it could help your organization.

Empowering Six Sigma!

Posted by: Eric L. Herzog, Ph.D.,

A team of (Six Sigma) green belt certified long term employees were not getting the projects done that they were given. The problem was not in Six Sigma but in a small trainable fundamental that was lacking. What do you think that was?

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